Return to Play – Message from the Basketball Department

Hi Members,


Good news we can return! Our return will commence from Thursday 18th of February with the scheduled games for the evening. Friday, Saturday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday will flow on as per the scheduled games on Play HQ. There are some rules to be across upon our return tomorrow:


  1. Face Masks: we are an indoor venue which means they should be worn in, during and out of the venues. Players and officials may remove them to play but should put them back on once complete. This is the same rules that apply anywhere you go within an indoor venue.
  2. QR Codes: each venue is equipped with QR codes at the entrance, court entrances and others scattered around. It is important that if you are not a player or coach (players and coaches are listed on the team sheet) you utilise these QR codes for contact tracing purposes. If you can’t do it please speak to a supervisor who will help.
  3. Density cap or amount of people in the building: we return to our same rules prior to the 5 day closure. Our capacity per court is 50 people (excluding players and officials) which means players and families should consider limiting the amount of people that attend. Whilst there is room for more than 1 person per player we don’t want to have to move or remove people due to overcrowding.
  4. Entry prior to games: our doors remain open at all times but it is advised not to come 20, 30 40 minutes prior to your game because of the amount of cross contamination with the group in already. We strongly advise players and families to wait until 10 minutes prior to your game to enter. Each game is on a 1 hour timeframe which means there is plenty of time to warmup and play prior to your game.




Please note the tickets you purchased prior to the closedown last week still work and will scan. Please use these this weekend/next weekend or at your next game. There is no need to purchase more tickets if you have completed this last week.


Families and players from St Aloysius who are going through the isolation period we want to wish you all the best and can’t wait to see you back on the courts when your finally free to do so! Such a strong basketball school we wish you a speedy return to the courts.