Rush win in a thriller 

The Thrifty Under 14 Rush were one of Ballarat’s 5 winners last Friday night in Victorian Junior Basketball League action, taking down Hawthorn in a close 5 point win.

The Miners and Rush teams will take the court again at the Minerdome on Friday, April 27th with 6 Victorian Junior Basketball League games.

Friday, April 27 at the Mars Minerdome:

8:40pm Court 2: Thrifty Under 14 Rush (VJL1) v Camberwall

8:40pm Court 3: Thrifty Under 14 Rush (VJL4) v Diamond Valley

8:20pm Court 1: Thrifty Under 14 Miners (VC) v Keilor

9:40pm Court 1: Thrifty Under 16 Rush (VC) v Melbourne

9:40pm Court 3: Thrifty Under 16 Rush (VJL2) v Bullen

9:40pm Court 2: Thrifty Under 18 Miners (VJL4) v Ringwood


Entry is free for all Thrifty Junior Miners and Rush games.


All results from 20/4/18:

Under 14 Rush (VJL1) 39-43 Casey

Under 14 Rush (VJL4) 27-23 Hawthorn

Under 14 Miners (VJL3) 25-59 Chelsea

Under 16 Rush (VJL2) 50-42 Melbourne

Under 16 Miners (VJL4) 44-51 Cragieburn

Under 18 Miners (VC) 61-56 Knox

Under 18 Miners (VJL4) 61-44 Collingwood