RADcentre partnership announcement

Basketball Ballarat is proud to announce a new  partnership with Radford Athletic Development (RADcentre) over the coming next 2 years.

RAD was established in 2015; aiming bring regional Victoria the same methods and structures used at the professional levels to enhance athletic performance and prevent injuries across all sporting disciplines.

In recent times RAD has been working closely with the Thrifty Ballarat Miners Rush programs over the past few years particularly on-court.

“After seeing the good work BBA are doing in developing local talent across the region and helping them to perform at the highest level, it matches exactly what we are trying to do. Also having two of the premier sporting teams in Ballarat competing at this high level means we get to work with some of the best athletes in the region. “ Chris said.

Owner Chris Radford and his High Performance Coaches will continue to work closely with the Thrifty Ballarat Miners Rush Juniors but also oversee the McDonald’s Ballarat Miners Rush Youth as well as the Hotondo Homes Ballarat Miners & Selkirk Ballarat Rush Senior Teams.

RAD will be servicing the whole BBA organisation with their Strength and Conditioning. Athletes will complete their strength work in the RADcentre as well as on court conditioning work at the MARS Minerdome. Through a great relationship with Federation University Australia and Senior Lecturer Scott Talpey, there will be 3 students assisting with the program.

Andrew Day of Basketball Ballarat was thrilled to be part of the RAD announcement. “Chris and his staff are so highly respected in the industry which will bring a wealth of knowledge and professionalism to our programs. We are really looking forward to working closely with Chris and his team moving forward.” Andrew said.

RAD are well known for their return to sport programs where they have assisted many athletes return to their discipline through their extensive injury rehabilitation program.



“We look after the physical preparation for the athlete, if they are healthy or injured – initially establishing a base and building durable robust athletes that can handle the demands for their sport before then progressing on that base work to improve their physical characteristics to help with their sport”. Chris said.



Basketball Ballarat are thrilled to have RADcentre join our family over the coming years. To find out more about the RADcentre visit www.radcentre.com.au